Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Kaleidoscope of Sport

Last night's Opening Ceremony for the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore was fantastic. No offense to my Canadian friends, but Singapore 2010 blew Vancouver 2010 out of the water, while floating on top of the water. The stage was literally floating in Marina Bay, with all of Singapore's most iconic landmarks forming the backdrop. From left to right: the Singapore Flier (think London Eye), Double Helix Bridge (made to look like DNA), Marina Bay Sands (think over-the-top Las Vegas casino), Marina Bay itself and countless skycrapers. It was impossible for the show not to be visually impressive.

To make matters more outrageous, fireworks were used liberally, punctuating the end of each segment, whether a dance sequence or traditional Olympic speech. Us young reporters happened to be seated next to one of many small stages in the crowd. Alternating on this stage were drummers, dragon dancers, and even pole dancers. The dance sequences were equally ridiculous and amazing. Well done, Singapore. Let the Games begin.

Singapore tidbit: Although English is the official language for business in Singapore, nearly every Singaporean speaks another language (often Chinese or Malay) at home.

Click HERE to view my Q&A with four-time Olympic ice hockey medalist Angela Ruggiero, who's in Singapore, serving as an Athlete Role Model for the Youth Olympians.


  1. Hey Nick I am a Singaporean I hope you enjoyed your time here.

    I would just like to point out that a substantial and increasing number of Singaporeans speak English at home. I would guess about a third to half of Singaporeans speak English at home. Many Singaporeans speak poor Chinese or none at all.